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Sustainable aviation will ensure cheap-tickets for flights in the future
Vuelos Sostenibles-------------------Nachhaltige Flüge

Sustainable Flights

Professor Aldo Steinfeld : Let the Sun provide us with Jetfuel

Posted 1/15/2017

Icarus was disappointed in the sun by undermining his flying efforts.

Professor Aldo Steinfeld wants to show otherwise. Contrary to Icarus' experience the sun can in fact help us fly sustainably.

Underneath this article we will let the Professor explain his approach by himself. We surely cannot do that better.

One of the main things in using Solar Energy is storing the energy to use it in a time and place that is convenient to us.

Using the High Temperature of Solar Energy in stead of "only" the Photovoltaic energy can induce a Chemical process that in future can provide mankind with a sustainable energy source :

read, hear and see all about this :

PDF-file : click here