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Sustainable aviation will ensure cheap-tickets for flights in the future
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Sustainable Flights

Carbon Footprint Calculator for Flights

Posted 1/5/2017

Starting your new year 2017 in good spirit ? Well that makes us happy and therefore we offer you the opportunity to hold against the light your aviation activities .  There appears to be some ClimatChange denial hanging in our lifegiving skies. Whatever you think of the "medical" status of our lovely planet, let's be at the least conscious about your own influence.

Make it an enjoyable activity in looking at your flight-behaviour. Flying brings us all a lot of good things.
Even die-hard environmental advocates are not sailing across the oceans to get to an important meeting. In fact they could, because such services are being delivered as we speak :-).

So enjoy Flying this year and at the same time enjoy keeping up with the ways of diminishing your Aviation Carbon Footprint.
For instance choose relatively "clean" aircraft or book direct flights in stead of 1 or 2 stops.

Let's Calculate here:

Click image for CalculatorClick image for Calculator