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Sustainable aviation will ensure cheap-tickets for flights in the future
Vuelos Sostenibles-------------------Nachhaltige Flüge

Sustainable Flights

BioFuel for regular Flights in the Nordic countries boost

Posted 1/6/2017

Arlanda Airport Stockholm announced together with SkyNRG and Fly Green Fund the use of sustainable aviation Fuel for Flights taking off from Arlanda Airport. After Oslo Airport it seems the second airport in the North of Europe to supply this service. However the announcements are a bit unclear on wich airlines can use this service. Perhaps it has to do with the start of such a project and the early-adapters not wanting to pay with their courage and money for an easy and less risky entrance of other airlines. This could be a rather "black" impression on such a Green initiative ;-) . In fact we encourage brave people with ideas and vision. And that is for the most part, what we see here , we think. In the near future we do want to hear from the Biofuel industry however what would be the implication on Mother Earth when Biofuel grows to be the major Jetfuel in use. Where would all this Biofuel come from ?  Will it compete with food-crop ? How much new land does it take to grow vegetables providing that Biofuel. So we adore the possible future Zero-Emission flights, but let's make it Sustainable in terms of producing this Bio Jetfuel.

SkyNRG explains their production methods, making use 100% of foodcrop based Biofuel:

read here : SkyNRG Biofuel Production