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Sustainable aviation will ensure cheap-tickets for flights in the future
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Sustainable Flights

Birds Migration changes as result of Climate Change

Posted 12/30/2016

Our Friends in the Sky suffer severe flight-schedule interference by global warming.

Migrating birds head for breeding grounds earlier as earth's  getting warmer.

Edinburgh University's school of biological sciences did a comprehensive research on many species living on five continents

This early-season migration may cause the birds facing serious food shortage and unsuitable nesting-areas.

On the other hand late-season migration effects the hatching of offspring timing and as a result of that probably higher deathrate.
Migrating birds travelling from far destinations are less influenced by changing climate situation.

Unfortunately however they are disadvantaged by finding competitors for breeding ground already taking their spot.


Here you can watch a video from a different source than Edinburgh University talking about Bird Migration:  


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European Aviation Environmental Report 2016

Posted 12/28/2016
Posted 12/27/2016

you can download the Pdf file with the European Aviation Environmental Report 2016 here:

European Aviation Environmental Report 2016

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ICAO 2016 Environmental Report 2016

Posted 12/28/2016
Posted 12/27/2016

Download the 47MB Pdf report here :

ICAO 2016 Environmental Report

read about Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) here:

Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP)

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Leap-1C engine to hit the skies

Posted 12/28/2016

The Leap engine consists of composite materials, such as carbon fiber fan blades, to gain on energy efficiency .

leap-test-flightleap-test-flightIn fact this engine pushes the envelop on traditional turbofan engine technique.

The weight-gain by besides the carbon-fibre materials using titanium
added to the heightresistant properties  ,has to give the airlines
a 2-digit percentage gain on jetfuel-usage.
The chinese Comac C919 is among the middle-range aircraft
to be powered by this CFM-international Leap-1C.

Another project striving for #Sustainable Aviation.:

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Solar powered Airship

Posted 12/28/2016

The solarship is a hybrid aircraft, floating by both buoyant gas and aerodynamics. Its wing-ship design allows for extreme short takeoff and landing . The structure has a large surface area for solar panels, making it possible to fly over long distances for a long time. The SolarShip is capable of flying with traditional power. However, the goal is to develop a new mode of transportation that does not depend on fossil fuels, roads, or runways. With the solarship it is possible to cover areas where planes, trucks, ships and airships don't go, bringing cargo to the places that are stuck from the benefits of the  modern world.

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Iran Air in the lead on Sustainable Aviation?

Posted 12/26/2016

So president elect Trump called it a disaster, the Iran_Nuclear deal. There were even talks of cargo-plains full of US-Dollars heading for Teheran. Besides the politics we look at the difference in Jet-Exhaust over the coming decades in the Middle East. A quick look at the current air-fleet shows:

Iran Air Fleet
Aircraft TypeIn ServiceOrdersPassengersNotes
Airbus A300B2-200 1 18 236 254  
Airbus A300B4-200 3 18 236 254  
Airbus A300-600R 4 22 239 261  
Airbus A310-300 2 14 198 212  
Airbus A320-200 6   12 144 156  
Airbus A321-200 1[42] TBA Delivery TBA
ATR 72-600 20[43]
Deliveries: November 2016 – 2018[44]
Fokker 100 4 104 104  
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 4 12 140 152  
Airbus A300B4-203F 1 Cargo  
Boeing 747-200F 1 Cargo  

Every day we see the enormous orders Iran Air is placing with the world aviation industry. It doesn't take rocket-science to conclude the indirect positive effect on environment of the Iran-Nuclear deal.

Here's a throwback film on an Iran Air Boeing 747SP (the "short" version)



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The land of Santa Claus ?

Posted 12/24/2016

well Santa is coming to town, so we have the opportunity to discover some of his home-ground

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Fred Flintstone has his airplane,the Archaeopteryx

Posted 12/24/2016

What may look like a step back in time could eventually mean many "steps" into aviation future. Ideas and inventions have in common that in the beginning they could look rather insane. But what if we had an airfield uphill and an Archaeopteryx with room for many legs. The only carbon footprint of such a passenger flight would be of the (Hydrogen?) bus bringing them uphill. Well, at, we don't mind fantasising on Sustainable Aviation. Happy Christmas, eve folks !

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Christmas Special beautiful Drone-Flight film

Posted 12/23/2016

Made by Vadim , well thank you Vadim, you sure know how to capture earth's beauty !

And we do hope you are charging the batteries of your Phantom 3 Pro

with Solar Energy  


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Future of Flight

Posted 12/22/2016

enjoy this tour on Nasa working on the future of aviation. They want it cleaner and smarter ;-)

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