Sustainable aviation will ensure cheap-tickets for flights in the future

Prof. Martin Tangney makes Airplanes fly on Whiskey

Posted 1/14/2017

So, now we are having the attention of Whiskey- and Aviation lovers let's explain :

Celtic Renewables is a Scottish firm lead by CEO Mark Simmers, established by Professor Tangney from the Biofuel research Centre at Napier University, Edinburgh.

The idea is to produce a sustainable liquid Fuel that can serve mankind in a clean and endurable way.

So flying on Whiskey is a bit of a lie, although not so far from the truth.

Let's here it from Mark Simmers himself how their idea works:


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Professor Aldo Steinfeld : Let the Sun provide us with Jetfuel

Posted 1/14/2017

Icarus was disappointed in the sun by undermining his flying efforts.

Professor Aldo Steinfeld wants to show otherwise. Contrary to Icarus' experience the sun can in fact help us fly sustainably.

Underneath this article we will let the Professor explain his approach by himself. We surely cannot do that better.

One of the main things in using Solar Energy is storing the energy to use it in a time and place that is convenient to us.

Using the High Temperature of Solar Energy in stead of "only" the Photovoltaic energy can induce a Chemical process that in future can provide mankind with a sustainable energy source :

read, hear and see all about this :

PDF-file : click here

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Throwback AIAA SciTech Forum 2015:

Posted 1/8/2017

so, what did you miss from the Scitech 2015 ?

Be informed and have fun this week on the 2017 version !

watch the video:


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Airbus rocks the AIAA SciTech 2017

Posted 1/7/2017

The AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition 2017 is to be held from  9–13 January 2017
in Gaylord Texan, Grapevine, Texas. Like always the industry together with scientists are sharing their ideas about shaping the Future of Aviation and Aerospace. We from "Sustainable Aviation" are anxious te see what the coming week will bring in regard to Sustainable Aviation. No doubt the focus in these days of ClimateChange arguments will be on cleaner, quieter and cheaper Flying. We would be not surprised at all if those things would go hand in hand :-) . Anyway, a great week for the industry and for the future of clean, fast, quiet and safe  aviation lies ahead of us. No doubt it will Rock the minds and hearts of Aviation and Science enthousiasts.

Having brought Rock on the table we will share the Aviation Rock coming from a well-kown Sponsor of the event:


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BioFuel for regular Flights in the Nordic countries boost

Posted 1/5/2017

june 2014 Karlstad Biofuel by SkyNrgjune 2014 Karlstad Biofuel by SkyNrgArlanda Airport Stockholm announced together with SkyNRG and Fly Green Fund the use of sustainable aviation Fuel for Flights taking off from Arlanda Airport. After Oslo Airport it seems the second airport in the North of Europe to supply this service. However the announcements are a bit unclear on wich airlines can use this service. Perhaps it has to do with the start of such a project and the early-adapters not wanting to pay with their courage and money for an easy and less risky entrance of other airlines. This could be a rather "black" impression on such a Green initiative ;-) . In fact we encourage brave people with ideas and vision. And that is for the most part, what we see here , we think. In the near future we do want to hear from the Biofuel industry however what would be the implication on Mother Earth when Biofuel grows to be the major Jetfuel in use. Where would all this Biofuel come from ?  Will it compete with food-crop ? How much new land does it take to grow vegetables providing that Biofuel. So we adore the possible future Zero-Emission flights, but let's make it Sustainable in terms of producing this Bio Jetfuel.

SkyNRG explains their production methods, making use 100% of foodcrop based Biofuel:

read here : SkyNRG Biofuel Production

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Carbon Footprint Calculator for Flights

Posted 1/4/2017

Starting your new year 2017 in good spirit ? Well that makes us happy and therefore we offer you the opportunity to hold against the light your aviation activities .  There appears to be some ClimatChange denial hanging in our lifegiving skies. Whatever you think of the "medical" status of our lovely planet, let's be at the least conscious about your own influence.

Make it an enjoyable activity in looking at your flight-behaviour. Flying brings us all a lot of good things.
Even die-hard environmental advocates are not sailing across the oceans to get to an important meeting. In fact they could, because such services are being delivered as we speak :-).

So enjoy Flying this year and at the same time enjoy keeping up with the ways of diminishing your Aviation Carbon Footprint.
For instance choose relatively "clean" aircraft or book direct flights in stead of 1 or 2 stops.

Let's Calculate here:

Click image for CalculatorClick image for Calculator

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Live Sustainable Flights on air

Posted 1/2/2017

ICAO and have joined forces to show live aircraft flying (partially) on BioFuel.

live feed flights on Biofuel, by ICAO and Planefinderlive feed flights on Biofuel, by ICAO and PlanefinderThe live feed shows commercial flights operated by airlines that have signed alternative fuel purchase agreements. Those flights are:
- Sas, KLM, Lufthansa flights flying from Oslo Airport, Norway
- Klm and United flying from Lax airport Los Angeles, USA

Oslo Airport  is the world's first airport to offer renewable aviation fuel for refueling airplanes. Lufthansa, SAS and KLM have already announced that they will be refueling their planes with aviation Biofuel in Oslo.
Los Angeles Airport is the world’s second airport that offers airlines a Biofuel refueling option. T
he biofuel will be produced by the local biofuel refinery AltAir Fuels and supplied by SkyNRG.  Oslo Airport (Norway) already offered that service.

You may click on the picture and  click on the different flights that appear on the map.
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Inclusive Sustainable Aviation in 2017

Posted 12/31/2016

Every day is a good day to contemplate the future of earth and human kind. So today the 31st of december 2016 is no exception of that :-)

Protecting our environment and with that the preservation of our habitat has many angles. First there is or is not the motivation  of mankind. Thereafter comes concentrating that power into poltical force. During that process advocating groups  and scientists are busy proving the need and possibility of changing our environmental behaviour.

Coming to Sustainable Aviation requires the same factors as mentioned above for all environment protection. I think we have a good thing going on, "a good vibe" that is to say. Advocating groups are making thereselves noticed, industry is showing more and more it is not that difficult to come to for instance zero-co2 aircraft-powering.

So the technical side and the advocating side of The Cause seem to be covered.
Now the polticians and decision-makers have to make it happen through intiative and legislation.


On the Inclusive part of Sustainable Aviation we want to start as of now a discussion on bringing matters to light other than technical progress.

Let us widen the attention to Sustainable Aviation with the animal factor and with the human factor.
That could mean besides planting a tree for every 1000 air-miles flown also provide for alternative fly and breeding zones for birds being disturbed in any way by aviation.

Furthermore we have to rethink the oppressive working schedules that some important workers in aviation are on.


But, as I sad in my opening statements : we are on a good path and there is "a good vibe" going on in Sustainable Aviation.

So let's strive for zero-Co2 , animal-human-environment friendly Flights in 2017 !


see what ICAO has to say about road to Sustainable Aviation:


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Birds Migration changes as result of Climate Change

Posted 12/29/2016

Our Friends in the Sky suffer severe flight-schedule interference by global warming.

Migrating birds head for breeding grounds earlier as earth's  getting warmer.

Edinburgh University's school of biological sciences did a comprehensive research on many species living on five continents

This early-season migration may cause the birds facing serious food shortage and unsuitable nesting-areas.

On the other hand late-season migration effects the hatching of offspring timing and as a result of that probably higher deathrate.
Migrating birds travelling from far destinations are less influenced by changing climate situation.

Unfortunately however they are disadvantaged by finding competitors for breeding ground already taking their spot.


Here you can watch a video from a different source than Edinburgh University talking about Bird Migration:  

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European Aviation Environmental Report 2016

Posted 12/27/2016

you can download the Pdf file with the European Aviation Environmental Report 2016 here:

European Aviation Environmental Report 2016

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